Information for the Bundeswehr, politics, defence industry, and research

We are a publisher and events company, serving as the community’s communications pros.

We combine our product lines cpmPUBLICATIONS, cpmEVENTS, and cpmDIGITAL into a single information network through our unique multichannel approach.

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more than 30 years

  • Close exchange of information with the Ministry of Defence, offices of the Bundeswehr, the defence industry, research, and security policy
  • Compressive network in the Bundeswehr, politics, and industry
  • Multiplier and source of information by linking professional conferences and publications


We inform the decision makers. cpmPUBLICATIONS serves as the interface of our information network to the broad defence technology community.


Our specialist conferences for the defence technology community constitute the second pillar of our demanding network. We bring together the Bundeswehr, defence technology industry, research, and politics in various formats.


Merging the two “analogue worlds” of cpmPUBLICATIONS and cpmEVENTS. Our digital information platform is currently under construction.


We accompany and support your communication strategy as the defence information network carrier: Media and graphic agency, storytelling, campaign manager.


Your defence technology trade magazine for first-hand information

Your trade magazine for information from the Bundeswehr, industry, and research, from current subjects and carefully researched technical articles to interviews with high-ranking people.

  • Security policy
  • Current information
  • Decision-maker interviews