Jan 25, 2022

New year – new employees

The cpm team continues to grow!


There were some personnel changes at cpm at the turn of the year:

Tom Specht is going to increasingly support our managing director, Tobias Ehlke, in further development of the company as an authorised signatory in future. To this end, he is handing over the role of Head of Sales in order to contribute to the company as an authorised signatory and Head of Marketing from now on! He already played a key role in shaping the cpm brand in the past two years.

We welcome new Head of Sales Christian Lauterer to the team, who will be responsible for cooperation with our partners on the industry side in future. We are happy to have this face, already known in the community, on our team. We wish him great success and joy in our company.

We also have a new intern at cpm with Marc Eschbach. Marc Eschbach wants to retrain. He would like to support Christian Lauterer’s work as a trainee in the sales area this year. We look forward to accompanying him in his career and wish him a good start in our constantly growing team.


Weitere Services für Sie



Wir informieren die Entscheider. cpmPublications bilden die Schnittstelle unseres Informationsnetzwerkes in die Breite der wehrtechnischen Community.



Unsere Fachtagungen für die wehrtechnische Community bilden den zweiten Teil unseres anspruchsvollen Netzwerkes. In unterschiedlichen Formaten bringen wir die Bundeswehr, wehrtechnische Industrie, Forschung und Politik zusammen.



Die Zusammenführung der zwei „Analogen Welten“ cpmPUBLICATIONS und cpmEVENTS. Derzeit ist unsere digitale Informationsplattform in Arbeit.



Als Träger des wehrtechnischen Informationsnetzwerkes begleiten und unterstützen wir Ihre Kommunikationsstrategie: Media- und Grafik-Agentur, Story Telling, Kampagnen Manager.

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