Sep 17, 2021

3rd Anwenderforum Rüstung und Nutzung “RÜ.NET2021” in Koblenz

On 01 + 02 September 2021, the Rhein-Mosel-Hall finally saw the 3rd Anwenderforum Rüstung und Nutzung “RÜ.NET2021” after a long coronavirus break. More than 300 visitors were able to engage in “face-to-face” discourse again, thanks to a strict hygiene concept and a dedicated test mobile outside the hall. This year’s theme was all aligned with the leading theme of: “International Crisis Management vs. National and Alliance Defence – Challenge for Arms and Utilisation Management”.

The introductory panel discussion with Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, Colonel Jürgen Schmidt, Rainer Huth, and Thomas Gottschild already set the course for a challenging series of lectures. In addition to the department heads from the (BAAINBw), the industry also used the opportunity to participate in presentations to address the various departments’ different requirements.

The accompanying trade exhibition has grown significantly once again after being relocated to the Rhein-Mosel-Halle. 40 exhibitors took the opportunity to present their products and innovations. The signing of a cooperation agreement between SAAB and ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH for future cooperation in defence projects was a highlight.


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